Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple joys

1. This quote on my fridge. It helps me keep a lighthearted perspective towards life.

2. My mason jar of tea: I drink it slowly and read a magazine while I feed Claire breakfast in the morning.

3. This delightful little creature I have nicknamed "chippy". He steals fruit and vegetable remnants from our compost and munches on them on our deck railing. When we interrupt him he dashes down the stairs, runs up a tree and then scolds us for at least five minutes. The girls and I find him tremendously amusing.

4. A tidy room. It makes it possible for me to relax and enjoy my children.

5. This orchid. It is nearly finished blooming but it is still captivating.

6. My ongoing love affair with the online magazine matchbook. I often wish that they had a paper back additions so that I could keep them on my bedside table.

7. Listening to Amelia have "pretend" conversations with her Oma on her play cellphone.

8. Having a shower with my girls at the end of a long day. I love how Claire's warm little body clings to me and Amelia plays happily at my feet. Sometimes this is my favorite part of the whole day.

9. Getting an extra hour to sleep in when Nathaniel wakes up with the girls.

10. The pattern on this pillow.

11. Playing around with photoshop elements and creating inspiration boards. This is my design plan for our next living room.

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The Stiffs said...

I L-O-V-E your blog....maybe because I love you and it is a reflection of you and what is happening in your life. I wish I felt the mojo to blog too, so you could peek into my world. Maybe one of these days I'll post something new!
I hope packing and getting ready to transition is going well for you guys!