Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend with "Stini"

It feels good to get back into my routine after a delightful weekend of gallivanting with my dear friend Cristina. We shopped until we dropped, dined in cafes, perused boutiques, talked each other's ears off, munched on candy, tried on carts full of clothing at value village,agonized over our purchases (Christina found two pairs of pretty shoes and a chic jacket and I bought a vest and scarf), prowled the shoe department in winners, took long runs in the morning (Christina is training for a 100km race), wandered through the historic downtown streets of Nanaimo, tried to go the beach but nearly got blown over, ate homemade apple cream pie while watching "this means war", and read magazines.  (Disclaimer: some of these photos are quiet awful in terms of focus, but I decided to share them because they are so happy and silly.)

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fionafae said...

Two of my dearest friends! You two are so cute <3 Glad you had fun!