Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Re connecting

About a month ago, I received this facebook message from a girl named Ashley:

I'm not sure if we've met... but rumour has it you and your hubby go way back with my hubby... and we are all soon to be living in Nanaimo (or your already are?). Since Art heard that, all I hear is "Nate this, Nathaniel that"!We are moving into our new house this Saturday, and we should plan on meeting up sometime after that. Cheers, Ashley (and Art) Bakker."
When I told Nathaniel, he was so happy he didn't stop smiling for days. Since we have moved to Nanaimo, nearly a month ago, those boys have spent every available moment together. I joke that that they are twelve year old boys trapped in 30 year old bodies. Years ago, when they were counsellors at a camp on the called Esperanza, they both enjoyed windsurfing, jumping off cliffs, wake boarding and hiking. Fast forward ten or so years and they have since added hunting, working on motor bikes, kayaking and apparently exploring tidal pools to that list. They make me smile when they are together and I am so thankful Nate someone in his life that "gets" him.

Another great bonus to this arrangement, is the fact that Art's wife is pretty cool and it has been fun getting to know her better. The other day we bumped into each other enjoying the parkway trail on our bikes and then on Sunday she invited me to hike Mount Benson with her. I am  thrilled to have found someone that enjoys and appreciates the outdoors as much as I do. Here are a few pictures from our hike on Sunday. (I am still sore)!

There were some steep spots but they made the hike all the more interesting.

Our snack midway up the mountain. Ashley brought freshly picked cherries. YUMMMMY

I just love all the shades of green in this photo.

 The view from the top of Mount Benson overlooking Nanaimo and the harbour

I cannot even tell you how many pictures I have of my feet on the top of mountains. I always love having an extra set of legs beside mine


Ashley said...

nice to see pics of art and ashley! been a long time

Anderson Clan said...

Speaking of re-connecting....we are going to be in Nanaimo this weekend and are wondering if your family would like to spend a few hours at the beach with us. Let me know if you're around and we can plan something. PS. I sent you and email but wasn't sure if it was a current email address.