Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good friend, good shopping, good food...

 Since we moved to Nanaimo, nearly five weeks ago, I have been occupied with nesting, exploring our new community and hosting family from Victoria on the weekends. Only recently have I begun to long for local friendships and have the energy to begin pursuing them. About a week ago I made plans to go out for tea with someone I had only known vaguely when I lived in Nanaimo ten years ago. When we attended church I recognized her and we hit it off. We made plans to get together the following week and had such a GREAT time! We talked for two solid hours, only pausing briefly to breath and feast on our treats. I enjoyed the most incredible scone I have EVER had in my life. (I am already fantasizing about having another).

I felt so refreshed and encouraged after our conversation and I can't wait to hang out with her again. I was delighted to discover that she also enjoys thrift store shopping. It sounds like I will have someone to prowl the isles of Value Village with. Yippee! Take a peek at this stunning pair of frye boots I found there last week. (The only reason I know that frye boots are significant, is because of a shopping trip I went on with my girlfriend Stina a couple years ago). The  crummy things about these lovely boots was that they were two sizes too small for me. I bought them nonetheless and have since consigned  them at a trendy consignment store where I stand to make a decent profit.

 Check out this sundress I bought there recently. I have a feeling I am going to be wearing a lot of color this summer.

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Chris is a geek said...

I feel for you Jocelyn. New town, desiring to meet new friends, missing friends. We don't know many people in Cranbrook yet, but I am sure that'll change soon. The kids are signed up for swimmign lessons.

I love your new dress!