Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A weekend away....


A journal entry .....
"What a gift this weekend has been. Filled to the brim with laughter, delicious food, tears, and fellowship. I feel so refreshed, revived and filled  with thankfulness. My voice is raw from all the conversations I have had....deep meaningful conversations about life, longing, despair, joy, hopes, dreams and Jesus. I feel like I could cry at any moment from the joy bubbling up within me.  My heart is full."
  I  enjoyed............
1) Spending time with some amazing, inspiring women.
2) Laughing so hard my stomach hurt
3)   A tall skinny peppermint mocha, a gingerbread latte, an amazing Nepalese meal, Greek food, sushi, wheat and gluten free goodies from whole foods, peppermint tea at Sarah's, homemade muffins (compliments of Bernie), a apple fritter from Lee's donuts, a lovely lasagna and pesto salad from Granville island and the  omelette's, bacon and toast we made one evening in our hotel room.
4) Drinking an entire mason jar of *hot* tea in one sitting. (This NEVER happens at home)
5) Waking up slowly *bliss*
6)  Taking my time getting dressed and applying my make-up.
7) People watching
8) Shopping at Forever 21 and touching endless racks of pretty  sequined
dresses and lacy skirts. I found every item on my list as well as a few more. Namely a tan messenger style bag, a polka dot sweater and blouse, a lovely lace skirt, and black skinny belt.
8) Wandering around chapters
9) Painting my toenails
10) Sharing encouraging scripture and praying with one another
11) Playing dress up with our purchases
It has been fun looking through the photos I took from this past weekend, remembering all the great times I had and
 trying in vain to decide which ones to include in this blog. I eventually decided to create an album on face book since I had far too many favorites. They can be found on my facebook page.


Chris is a geek said...

I'm happy you got to have a girly get away. You deserve it! I love your pictures as well. You do have a way with the camera!

Chris is a geek said...

oops! forgot to say it is me.