Friday, November 30, 2012

My home birth video

It is with a bit of trepidation that I share this video. While it was one of my proudest, most memorable moments, it is also, a private one. I believe that that there is tremendous value in sharing positive birth stories, as there is a lot of fear in our culture around child birth. I have always loved watching home births on YouTube and found them incredibly encouraging in the months and weeks leading up to Amelia's birth. Hopefully this video will do the same for someone in the future. I have no idea how to make videos and this one is evidence of that.
In the room were two midwives, a student midwife (who was AWESOME), my doula, and my husband. In the background you may hear my mom and sister who were sitting on the couch nearby. My dad is the one who you will hear clapping in the end. He was in the next room watching a hockey game with my brother. :0)

I decided to include a few of my favorite birth videos for your viewing pleasure. Some are straight forward, others are more educational. All are beautiful!

Here is the link to Amelia's home birth video on YouTube.
1. This one is of a woman singing through her labour. I watched this video a bazillion times when I was pregnant. I makes my heart sing :0
2.    I just love this one  It is quite long but very peaceful and there is a beautiful shot of the little brother cutting the cord.I think it really captures the beauty of water birth and the intimacy between husband and wife. This is what I hope for the birth of my third child (should it ever happen). Here is a slide show of the same birth which is also lovely.
3. This is a Russian video about water birth and is a little graphic but fascinating. There is a lovely shot of a little girl  watching her sibling born. Beautiful!

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Mrs. R said...

Thanks for sharing this Jocelyn! I too love birth stories and how they tie us woman all together somehow. That's so great you are becoming a doula! You'll be wonderful at it.