Sunday, April 6, 2014

Capturing those moments..

The other day I cornered a lovely woman named Nancy at church and asked her if she would be interested in photographing the birth of our third child. When her eyes lit up, I knew that I had asked the right person. I happened to know that she was comfortable with birth and that she had some midwifery training as well. Furthermore, her presence is one that I would welcome at a birth. 

When Amelia was born, my sister and mom snapped a few photos and took some video footage. When I realized how important those photos were and how often I looked at them, I knew that I would want every subsequent birth photographed.  At Claire's birth, we hardly had time to pull out our camera before she was born. Nathaniel snapped a few of me walking with Amelia during early labor and then at Starbucks while I was ordering a chai latte.  Other than that, the only photos we have are the ones a student nurse managed to snap before I gave birth to my second child.

When Nathaniel and I started talking about where we wanted to move to after our posting in Alexis Creek, I knew that it had to be someplace where I would have access to midwifery care and the option of a home birth. I also knew that I would want to to hire a photographer to capture it. I also also looking forward to having belly and infant photos taken as well. . If this is going to be my last pregnancy and birth I want to celebrate and commemorate it.

Here are a few images I snagged off Google images of births that get me excited about having a home birth again and having a photographer present to capture all the special moments.

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