Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

I completely understand the Japanese obsession with cherry blossoms. My favorite are known as Yaezakura or  Double Cherry Blossom. As a child, I was often found perched within the pink downy softness of a cherry tree.  This weekend, while we were waiting for our ferry in Horseshoe Bay, I got a chance to bask in their loveliness while Nathaniel chased our girls around the park.
Here are a few snapshots.

I am often looking for ways to describe this particular variety of cherry blossom. Over the years there have been many poems and haiku written in their honor. How does one accurately describe something so beautiful?
I think that they look like thousands of little ballerina tutus bunched together. Why is it the the fleeting things are the most beautiful? It as though they were created to invoke wonder. To this day, when the  wind catches an armload of  these petals and hurls them across the road, I can't help but *sigh* in breathless admiration. It is like experiencing something otherworldly: a glimpse of heaven perhaps. All I know is that it takes my breath away

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