Sunday, May 4, 2014


In the past, my favorite season has always been fall. Somewhere along the way, that has changed. This year I  have found myself marveling at the snowdrops, eagerly anticipating each new sprout in my garden, gathering armloads of lilacs and getting giddy at the prospect of going to a plant nursery. 

The above photo was taken of my favorite variety of hellebore.


A happy but muddy shot of me after planting ferns and hydrangea. The left photo is of a sweet autumn clematis that is currently blooming.

Another hellebore.

Last year I dug up a couple of lupines from the side of a hill along the highway and transplanted them in my garden. They are now thriving and have started popping up everywhere. I can hardly wait until they bloom!

There is something about watching a peony rise from the soil, or a fern unfurl that is magical and amazing every.single.time. I find myself examining the wisteria that my hubby transplanted last year, rejoicing in each bud and hoping against hope that perhaps it will bloom this year. Today Nathaniel spotted an actual flower bud! I actually jumped up and down with joy. 
Dead serious.

There are worms and frogs galore, which thrill my daughters to bits. Last year Claire was rather squeamish about touching bugs, worms or snakes for that matter. This year she LOVES catching and cradling everything. She carried this particular worm around for an entire day.

There is nothing that brings Amelia more joy than catching a frog.

We have been spending an inordinate amount of time in the meadow behind our property. It is generally quite sunny up there and a nice break from our shaded yard. 


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