Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Up to these days.....

1. Trying to motivate myself to finish the documents necessary for my DONA certification. I want one of these sooner than later even though I have taken a break from being a doula for the remainder of my pregnancy. 

2. Fawning over hosta, hydrangea and peonies at every garden center I visit.

3. Selling lots of furniture on usednanaimo and hoping to start painting a hutch for a customer.

4. Project life. I've been doing it for five months now and I am still thoroughly enjoying it. I promise to share some pages soon. 

5. Craving homemade bruschetta on toasted foccacia bread. Doesn't this look scrumptious.

6. Thoroughly enjoying my favorite yogurt and the fact that grapes are finally affordable again.

7. Neglecting housework. Particularly the bathrooms. What is the point in cleaning them when your children fill the sink with sand on a daily basis and toss toilet paper into their bath.

8. Thoroughly enjoyed a ladies retreat in Esperanza this past weekend. Hopefully I will take the time to share some pictures soon. 

9. Starting to create a nursery. My first EVER!

10. Still picking armloads of lilacs. I have fresh flowers in nearly every room at the moment. *Bliss*


11. Is currently 29 weeks pregnant. I feel as big as a house. 

12. Is daydreaming about creating an incredible outdoor space this summer. I just need to talk my hubby into finishing the rest of our deck and building a perogala. More on this in other post.

13. Longing to buy a beautiful handwoven wrap like this. Oh the [possibilities!

14. Loving this  quote:

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