Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My closet

I don"t know about you, but I hear something akin to opera music when I open my bedroom closet and it looks like this. 

This morning, after dropping my eldest daughter off at school, and tackling a MOUNTAIN of laundry, I started going through every drawer and hanger in my closet. Claire happily wrapped herself in scarves, painted her cheeks with lipstick and rummaged through my jewelry.  At one point she had over thirty of Nathaniel's hemp necklaces around her neck. Now why didn't I take a picture of that?

My closet is constantly evolving depending on the season or my immediate needs. This morning I put away all the clothing that no longer fits my growing body. There is no sense in looking at things I can no longer wear, so I put them away in this cedar chest until I can fit them again. 

Last year I taped a few pictures on the wall of looks that I love.  I have a collection of perfume which I NEVER wear. I am incredibly sensitive to scent and find most of it too intense. Some of the bottles are nearly twenty years old now. I use my cupcake stand to hold earrings, bangles, cuffs, my watch and other miscellaneous accessories. The ornate wooden box holds an assortment of dark chocolate and other yummy things. I use the necklace stands to display my favorite or recently purchased necklaces. The acrylic organizer,a  brilliant  find from home sense,  keeps all my make-up essentials within reach. 

All of my boots are lined up along my top shelf. I use rolled up newspapers to keep them upright. Beside my cupcake stand are two binders. One contains photos of outfits I have created and the other is full of clippings from magazines. I haven't cracked either of them open in a long time. These days I only make an effort to look decent on Sundays. 


I recently covered an old cork board with some old sari fabric and used push pins to hold my necklaces. I also moved a dresser into my closet since I had nowhere else to put it. It fit perfectly and now holds all my socks, bras and pants.

The basket contains our swim suits. My clothing is hung on black hangers, while my husband's are hung on an assortment of colors and sizes. My husbands pants and work clothing  take up the rest of the top shelf. I have a few sweaters and jackets hanging on the rod beside my antique dresser.

Yippee for a tidy, organized space!!!!!

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