Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Catching up!

There is so much I could write about that I hardly know where to begin. So often, I sit down to "blog", only to find myself agonizing over my writing rather than sharing my heart.
 It is so much easier to write in my journal where my thoughts can spill onto paper unfiltered and uninhibited. The other day I started typing an email and realized that I need to just always pretend that I am writing to a friend. Essentially, that is the point of this blog; to share my life with my friends both near and far.

So here is an attempt to catch you up to speed on the past couple of months:

Amelia and Claire are doing well. Amelia is riding her bike at the BMX park and learning how to shoot a compound bow. She catches at least five frogs a day and loves spending every spare minute of the day spending time with her friends in our backyard. She recently started kindergarten and so far, loves it! 

Claire is attending preschool two days a week. and is pleased as pie about it. She adores her baby bother Levi and jumping on the neighbors trampoline. She is a bit more feisty these days but still as affectionate as ever.

Levi is a content baby, nurses like champ and sleeps well at night. I ADORE him. I can't get enough of his soft little body, his smell, his little faces and noises.  I am so glad that I have him. He is seven weeks old and growing like a weed!

I feel like my family is complete now and I have no need/desire to ever be pregnant again. Yippee! Now I just need to reclaim my body. 

We enjoyed a full and relaxing summer. While we didn't do nearly as much camping as I would have liked, but we made up for it by spending lots of time at the beach and swimming until we turned into prunes.  Nathaniel and his grandmother picked almost fifty pounds of blackberries and about thirty pounds of blueberries. 

I turned 32!

The girls picked armloads of flowers

We ate heaps of fruit

We went to Tiger Lily farm (Amelia's favorite place on earth) and enjoyed pony rides and cuddles with baby chicks.

We attended a lovely wedding on the mainland...

As well as a family reunion

The girls got to meet an adorable hedgehog

Amelia got to hold a baby hummingbird who was learning how to fly.

We built a funky sand creature at Rathtrever with my brother, sister in law and niece. 

Attended a bazillion birthday parties

Nate finally started building our pergola despite being wounded from an interaction with a cranky turkey.

Caught heaps of frogs in the backyard

Enjoyed a couple smores

Camped at Rathtrever Beach and did a little skim boarding.

Picked every possible fruit that grows in our lovely province.

We grew heaps of lupins and foxgloves in our garden.

Decorated a nursery for Lei (my first ever)! This picture was taken before I painted the walls and the furniture. Hopefully I will remember to post an updated photo one of these days.

Went to a super fun church picnic.

Went to the beach with my dear friend Nicole and her girls.

Ate my weight in fruit salads.

Painted a bunch of tables and two hutches

Took lots of long walks in the woods.

Caught a HUGE bullfrog

Amelia graduated from preschool!

We adopted an adorable bunny named Oliver

Spent some time at the beach with good friends.

We bid some good friends goodbye

Went to an amazing bakery in Ladysmith and had some mouth watering cinnamon buns. 

Visited a few farmers markets

Picked blueberries 

Ate a lot of meals outside on the deck.

Enjoyed a wonderful visit with the Dodds family.

Suntanned like lizards on the rocks

Took Nathaniel's grandmother  to an incredible dahlia show! 

Did some fun dance classes

Got to visit with my parents. 

Fresh from the garden

Went to the Love Your City event our church hosted.


Went searching for frogs (these girls were brave)!

Had a baby and lots of visitors! (This photo was taken while I was in early  labor :0)

 Opa came and and helped Nathaniel build a gate

Nathaniel made the most amazing salmon eggs Benedict!

I bought a new journal! The selection at Chapters made me dizzy.

Went searching for creatures.

Overall it was a great summer!

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Mrs. R said...

Love all the photos, so lovely! Looks like a wonderful summer!