Monday, October 6, 2014

Eleven Years!!!!

This past year has FLOWN by! 

Last October, Nathaniel and I celebrated ten years of marriage at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino. I never ended up blogging about our trip, but it was wonderful. This year I marked our eleventh anniversary on the calender, but when the actual date rolled around, neither of us  remembered. Oops. Oh the joys of having three children! Nevertheless, we enjoyed our anniversary with not only my parents (who happened to be in town) but also good friends who were staying with us for as couple days before heading to Tofino for their baby moon. We shared an early thanksgiving dinner together and stuffed ourselves silly. 

While it would have been nice to commemorate eleven years of marriage, but having Nathaniel at home with us has been and continues to be such an incredible gift!  Besides, wild horses couldn't drag me away from my seven week old baby. 

Nevertheless, I decided to share a few photos from our trip last year because it reminds me that we have  many more years of child free vacations to look forward to in the future :0)

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Caroline said...

Love all of your pictures Joce! Your family is beautiful.