Saturday, October 25, 2014

Snapshot of my day

Best thing I tasted today:
Dark chocolate bark with cashews and pink Himalayan salt from Purdy's Chocolate.
Funniest Moment:
 When we were in a fancy Christmas ornament store and  I turned around and saw that Claire had attached a  HUGE feathery bird to her hair. Adorable and hilarious!
Least favorite moment:
When all three children were crying at bedtime. Amelia wanted a "bed snack" (an apple cut up in slices), Claire wanted me to cuddle with her, and Levi wanted to nurse. GAH!

Best part of the day:
 Seeing Levi's naked little body wriggle with excitement when I took him in the shower with me this evening.
What I wore today:
I wore my hair in a braid that wrapped around my head like a headband, a pair of earrings I picked up in Nicaragua, a turquoise cardigan, grey flats, and a pair of capris jeans. Oh and lipstick!
Excited about:
The woven girasol wrap that I ordered this evening.  I Love the COLORS!

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