Friday, November 27, 2015

A time out

Some days I just need a time out. An actual time out. Some times the chair in my room does the trick, especially when I feel like a kettle on the verge of boiling over. Other times I need a couple hours away from home to collect myself. Thankfully Nathaniel recognized the "signs" of burnout yesterday and lovingly shoved me out the front door.
Am I the only one that resists taking time for myself even when I know I DESPERATLY need it? Is this a "mother guilt" thing?
In any case, I bawled the whole way to my awesome mom's bible study group and then cried in front of everyone when I shared how I was feeling. I generally don't fall apart in public, but I knew it was a safe place and I needed prayer. They were ever so gracious and loving and spoke beautiful things into my life. I spent the remainder of the afternoon visiting, working out and writing to my heart's content at the "The Vault" downtown. Um, in case you haven't ventured in there, the food is incredible. I enjoyed a Swiss and spinach Panini with a DELICIOUS salad, all the while listening to Steffany Gretzinger on my iPhone.   
It was EXACTLY what I needed.

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