Friday, November 13, 2015

Fitness Friday: Best Sports Bra Ever!

Ordinarily, when I go running, I wear two ordinary bras  and two sports bras. If I can barely breath and have a hard lifting my arms over my head, I know that I will have decent support. It's no joke. It's awful, but not awful enough to prevent me from running.
So you can imagine my joy when I had the chance to try on a sports bra I had only read about in fitness magazines. At first,  I thought I would try it on overtop of my everyday bra, because, I didn't think it would provide enough support on its own. I couldn't fathom only weaning just a sports bra. Well, against all odds, I tried "the famed sport bra" on its own and did a little jog in the change room. I call it the "bounce test". I HATE bounce and will do everything I can to prevent it. Well, the bounce test turned into a happy dance. It provided AMAZING support.
*happy sigh*
If hate "bounce" is something you abhor, I highly recommend checking this magical garment. It is called the moving comfort juno. I picked mine up at Frontrunners off Bowen Road in Nanaimo.


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Rachel Olsen said...

Joc, thats wonderful you found something that works. I know its been forever that you have had to layer. Im happy for you.