Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Advent Calender

This Christmas season I have made a concerted effort to spend more time talking about the birth of Christ with my children. In November, I carefully selected books from the library that gave us opportunities to discuss the various traditions and practices held during the Christmas season. I wanted them to understand why people hold different beliefs and where those beliefs stem from.

In addition to the play Mobil calendars that my neighbour so kindly gave us, I decided to make an advent calendar that I could fill with Bible verses and chocolate.  I purchased a bunch of burlap sacks from Micheal's , stamped them and then attached them to a thick piece of twine.  I love how they look hanging in our living room window.

Amelia and I stuffed them with numbered bibles verses from free printable I found at Happy Home Fairy. and foil wrapped chocolates.

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