Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas 2016 Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

It snowed again last night and our neighborhood is filled with sounds of children's laughter and dads scraping sidewalks. A decent snowfall is something to celebrate on the West coast of B.C. Every year we realize how much our children have grown when they try and wriggle into their ill fitting snow pants. As I sit here and contemplate this past year, I find myself filled to the brim with gratitude. While this past year has not been without its challenges, it has been a season of growth for our family. Life is certainly much busier than it has ever been, but we are content. We are hosting two connect groups this year and loving it! Not only does it force me to clean my house once a week, but it has been a source of encouragement and spiritual growth for us as a couple.  I love that our home has become a gathering place for so many individuals.

  Nathaniel continues to lead children's worship at the church, keep bees, and hunt when time permits. He has been serving on the bike unit for nearly a year now and has thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace. He has developed some good friendships and has enjoyed being more involved in the community. Adjusting to his new work hours, however, has taken some time.

This year I am learning how to plan ahead and be a bit more organized. I joined the board at our local Crises Pregnancy Center this year and I have enjoyed being involved with an organization that changes lives. I have started working as a birth doula again and I am enjoying it immensely. I recently applied to volunteer with Victim services with the RCMP. If I am accepted I will need to undergo a rigorous background check before completing 60+ hours of training. My new favorite hobby is weightlifting. Who know that back squats and bicep curls could be so fun?

Amelia is in Grade 2 this year. She continues to amaze us with her creativity and zest for life. She recently had some of her artwork displayed at a teachers art conference in Victoria. She recently joined brownies and is becoming a strong swimmer. Claire is in kindergarten and is adjusting well to a full day of school. She joined gymnastics this year and beams from ear to ear during each class. She loves biking to school each morning with her big sister and cuddling with the kitten we acquired from the SPCA this spring. Levi turned two this August and is an adorable wrecking ball that fills our hearts with dismay and boundless joy. This week alone he managed to dump a bottle of nail polish on the carpet, color on three different walls, empty my expensive Himalayan pink salt into his dump truck, dump a laundry hamper of clean towels into his bath and pull most of the letter keys off the laptop computer. The list is ongoing, and yet, we adore him.

This summer we enjoyed an epic camping trip with friends at a place called Camp Ferrier. We took a heavily loaded boat through the open ocean to an island inhabited by wolves cougars and bears. We slept in a rustic cabin and our children frolicked to their hearts content in the great outdoors. It was marvelous! In January, we are headed to Hawaii for two weeks. I literally want to start packing right now. We haven't left the country since we have become a family of five, so it should be interesting. The girls are excited about catching lizards, Nathaniel has his heart set on going spear fishing and I am hoping to try paddle boarding.  Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a new year filled with hope and adventure.

Love the Lord Family,         

Nathaniel, Jocelyn, Amelia, Claire & Levi

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