Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year we went Christmas tree hunting with our friends and it was SO much fun!

The children happily frolicked amongst the trees, playing hide and go seek with one another while Jennifer and I searched for the perfect tree.

This is my friend Jennifer. She is vivacious, fun, creative and musical.  She is a momma to four children and somehow still finds time to bake, garden, scrapbook, work and teach me how to preserve. She is kind of amazing.

Usually it takes me ages to decide on a tree,
but this year I could have chosen several trees within the first ten minutes.

Her hubby used a traditional handsaw to dispatch our tree while Nathaniel used his chainsaw.

I love my lumber jacks.

Levi was slightly obsessed with the chainsaw after watching his dad cut a tree down with it. He  insisted on carrying it back to our vehicle.. with a little help of course.

Afterwards, to our surprise, Jennifer pulled out some freshly baked, still warm, gingersnaps and a vintage thermos full of hot chocolate. Oh my goodness, we are never going Christmas tree hunting without them again :0)

It was such a nice way to warm up our hands and bellies after all that fun!

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