Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eating chocolate...

Yup. I am stuffing my face full of delicious Lindt dark chocolate. I NEED chocolate today. *sigh* My baby is sleeping and I am doing all the things that are impossible to do when she is awake.... slowly read a magazine, eat naughty things..... (Last night I did share some of my ice cream with my little sprout)....... play with paper.... sit at the computer and read inspiring, delightful blogs. I have vowed to always take time for myself when she is sleeping - even if there is a pile of dishes in the sink and my floor needs a good sweep. I know that once she is awake, i can always put her in the sling to accomplish those things and she is usually more than happy to watch me. Speaking of slings... aren't these pictures of this little girl with her dolly in a sling ADORABLE. I can't wait to make Amelia a sling - most likely for her stuffed cat.

Pictures taken from the blog:

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Rachel said...

Nice to listen to what you had to say...its always nice to keep in touch. The chocolate part sounded incredibly inviting!