Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I started my spring cleaning today after many blissful days of playing hooky from my household responsibilities. The other day I was snapping a few pictures of my daughter when I noticed her filthy feet....... I have been cleaning like a mad woman ever since.

It is strange how I can see the same thing day after day and then all of a sudden it bothers me enough to do something about it. Today it was my kitchen windows. The sunlight pours into my kitchen first thing in the morning but my lovely view is marred by all the junk on the windows. Today I banished all the gunk -although doing so meant hanging out a two storey window.

The other day Amelia and I baked some cinnamon buns...... well she helped by napping for two hours while I threw around some flour and nibbled on pecans. The end result was delicious.

Unfortunately I ate far too many buns and felt sick to my stomach. On a positive note, it got me motivated to start eating healthy again. i have since banished two dozen delicious buns to the freezer and have started tracking my calories. I know - not nearly as fun as wolfing down baked goods - but bathing suit season is coming and i don't want to hide my pasty skin from the sun.


Heidi and Steinar said...

I REALLY REALLY want to visit you in your world. I love what you're making of your life and home there in Alexis Creek. If I hadn't flown to Canada this January, I totally would have come and visit you this summer!

Caroline said...

Love the new pics Joce! I know what you mean...some days the you don't see the mess and other days, you can't stand to see it! Brave girl for washing those windows, up so high!

The Stiffs said...

Why do you tease us with freshly baked cinnamon buns? My mom and I made paska (Mennonite Easter bread) and we ate SO many when they were fresh.....YUMMY.
Love to you.