Sunday, May 2, 2010

I just loooove lists

Have you ever made a list of things that you have already accomplished for the thrill of crossing them off. I love to be "productive"...... it is a bit of disease. When the day is nearing an end I can't help but think- did I accomplish enough today? Did I use my time wisely? Can you relate or am I a little crazy? My husband and I joke that he is the professional at "relaxing" in our relationship, whereas I am a wound up energizer bunny. Sleep deprivation and motherhood have certainly slowed me down, and for that I am thankful, but I still enjoy being busy and having something to show for my day. I think perhaps, that is one reason why I enjoy being crafty. Although I love a clean house I know that within a matter or hours, sometimes minutes, it is all going to be undone. That fact can sometimes be a bit discouraging. However, when I create something, I have something concrete to show for my time. Plus, it sure is fun to play with pretty fabric and paper.

A few of my favorite things today:

1) standing over the heat vent with bare toes.
2) A big salad filled with red peppers, baked potato, corn, chicken, cucumbers, cheese and avocado..... slathered with sun dried tomato dressing.
3) Watching the herd of dear in my yard frolic and graze on new sweet grass
4) Reading Ali Edwards blog about capturing and appreciating everyday life.
5) The anticipation of having a couple of ladies over for an evening of desserts and card making
6) Making a BIG photo collage on my living room wall of some of my favorite pictures from my trip around the world

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