Sunday, May 16, 2010

A very western day

This morning I spent the better part of two hours brushing, saddling and riding "paddler". I even spent some time riding bareback, which was a delightful experience. I asked Nathaniel to bring Amelia over when she finished her nap so he could take some pictures and she could see me on a horse.

Nathaniel spent most of the afternoon on a friend's ranch branding, castrating and tagging calves. I was going to go along but then decided it would be better if I didn't. In any case, Nathaniel had a blast, and he was covered from head to foot in dirt and dust when he walked in the door.

I love the intensity on his face in this picture.

At the end of the day I snuck in a bit of scrap booking...... all in all a good day!


Caroline said...

Good for you for venturing out on a horse Jocelyn!

I scrap booked today too! I am working on Justin's baby album. I set up at the table in the kitchen because my craft room is too messy and Justin even helped place some of the stickers and pictures. It was fun discussing each picture with him. His first walk, meeting his grandparents, where we lived (Mission until he was 3 weeks old, then moved to Maple Ridge)...felt good to be doing something productive for a change ;0)

Anderson Clan said...

How fun! When we move, we're hoping to get a property out of the way, somewhere we can have our dogs and a couple horses! Can't wait!
You'll have to come visit....