Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet my Chickens....

Here is my little flock of birds!

This is "Priscilla" and she is my favorite. I love her big fluffy head. Half the time she can't see anything and runs into things... including me. She is always trying to escape and she doesn't like to be put in her hutch. I saw her lay two eggs yesterday. Pretty exciting!

This is Piper and Penny. They are miniature chickens and they keep to themselves for the most part. The cat gave them quite a scare on their first day and they have been petty timid ever since. I don't blame them.

This is Felicity. I named her after the girl from "the Road to Avon lea" because she has these HUGE fluffy bloomers and she is VERY bossy!

The black chicken behind "Felicity" is "Alice". I let my little friend down the road name her. She is always inspecting the eggs the other chickens lay. She also likes to chase piper and penny.

My last chicken is "Stella". She has a little faux hawk going on upstairs and she is pretty feisty. This picture is pretty blurry but she would not stand still long enough to take a decent photo.

Well I had better go and tuck in my birds....


Chris is a geek said...
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Caroline said...

oops, I forgot to log in for me (I deleted the above because it was Chris' and said, "Chris is a geek", which he is, but that's not me!)

Love the names you picked for your chickens. ;0)

Mike and Loretta said...

Glad they arrived and are settling in. That big grey used to be the one who was bossed around. I am sure she is enjoying her new position in the pecking order.

Love the names too!

Ashley said...

lol thats awesome Joc. Their names suit them perfectly!