Saturday, May 8, 2010

It was a good day today

I really feel like I am starting connect with my community. This morning there was a mothers day tea at at the community center and I found myself chatting easily with everyone. Chilcotin women are pretty amazing. Many of them where born in the area and grew up without power, water and electricity. They tell stories about the days when the road to Williams Lake was just a wagon trail and they rode their horses to the clinic to give birth. You would like that they would be out of touch with society, but in fact they are well articulated,friendly, and incredibly well rounded women. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures of the women I just described but I did take a picture of my neighbor Audrey (gardening extraordinaire) and the RCMP secretary and her daughter.

In the afternoon we attended a birthday party for one of Amelia's friends. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and thus have no picture of the festivities. It's a funny thing spending so much time with people you hardly know. Everyone gets together fairly frequently and yet conversation can sometimes be a challenge. We all know that we will only be together for two years or less but the desire for frienship forces us together whether we have anything in common or not. In any case, this afternoon I felt a bit more comfortable and had some fun.

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors now that the weather has improved. I just want to bask in the sun for hours. Amelia enjoys picking the grass in HUGE hand fulls and picks up every rock she sees. It makes for some slow walks.

Ended the day with a delightful salad....

....and snuggles with a very happy baby girl :0)


Heidi and Steinar said...

happy mother's day jocelyn!!!

(p.s.annabelle and amelia have the same white hat, very fun)

Caroline said...

Happy Mother's Day Jocelyn!