Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A happy new pillow

I have been wanting to make this pillow since saw a tutorial for it on cluck cluck sew. I knew that I had a lot of scraps, but I wanted to use fabric that had special significance to me. I had a pile a mile high but when it came down to choosing a specific color scheme I decided to pull colors from this much loved photo of my family.

The tree trunk I cut from a scarf I had purchased in Southern Vietnam. The green leaves are from an outfit I had made for me in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The light and dark blue wool leaves are from a favorite sweater that no longer fits, the shiny orange fabric is from one of my bridesmaids dresses, the gold and fuchsia is from a second hand sari I bought from a sweet woman in India, the blue and red fabric is from a yard of cloth that I am going to re-upholster chair with someday, the pink knitted leaves are fun a fun thrift store find that never fit me, the fabric with the orange butterflies is from a fabric store in Coquitlam that I just adore,the yellow and paisley print fabric is from a skirt I wore on my first missions trip to Mexico, and the white and wine printed leaves are the leftovers from some pillows I made for my couches. I really love how it turned out and I think I may do something like this in the future with some of my favorite baby clothes. The tutorial was simple enough and fun to do. It sits on my couch and makes me smile everyday.

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Caroline said...

What a cool pillow Jocelyn! Love it!