Friday, January 6, 2012

Project 365 (week 1)

January 1st: On New Years day we loaded our skates into the chariot stroller with Claire and went for a skate at the ice rink near our home. The girls slipped around like seals in the ice while our dog Chester, barked like one on the sidelines. It was nice to walk around the rink with Holly and chat while our men shot pucks.

January 2nd: Finally completed my December Daily album.

January 3rd: Today I went to town with Holly and did a bit of shopping. Claire was excessively fussy and I felt scatterbrained all day. I forgot to purchase many of the things I had gone into town for. Geeezz.

January 4th: The other day Amelia kept complaining about her eyes so Nathaniel took her to the clinic and it was confirmed that she had pink eye. So, now we get to pin our poor daughter down four times a day and put drops in her eyes. Unfortunately, she only got sicker as the day went on and eventually threw up as well.

January 5th: When Nathaniel pulled into our driveway this evening he saw a little puppy in our driveway. He gave it a bath and borrowed a kennel from our neighbor so that it didn't pee everywhere during the night. I made a poster and Nathaniel posted it at the General Store.

January 6th: Since Amelia has been sick we have been watching a lot of movies. Since we one only a handful we have been renting quite a few from our local General Store. When we were visiting my parents in the Lower Mainland I was surprised to discover that all of the video stores had closed down.

December 7th: These are what my meals look like these days. Lots of lean protein and vegetables. I am trying to wean myself off bread, dairy and sugar. (All things I LOVE). It is actually not as hard as I had thought it would be.

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Chris is a geek said...

I love your photos for project 365. What a great idea!