Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365: (week 4)

January 22nd: Friends of mine had a baby shower at our local church. The woman holding baby Sophia is in her late 90's and is as lively as can be. Chilcotin women are a force to be reckoned with.

January 23rd: Today I received a delightful letter from someone I attended University with. I will always remember her as the girl with the fabulous pashmina scarf. She in introduced me to swing dancing, grown up tea parties and helped me survive statistics 101.

January 24th: Sleep training with Claire is going REALLY well. Nathaniel and I are still sleeping the front room with our sleeping bags, but I hung this curtain up between Claire's crib and our bed so that Claire can't see us when we do decided to return to our beds. Honestly, I am starting to really enjoy sleeping on the floor.

January 25th: I love it when all of us mommies get together at someones house so that our children can all play together. Today we all brought yummy platters of fruit.

January 26th: My attempt at organization mixed with a little inspiration.

January 27th: This horse is ever so sweet and I couldn't help but lavish some attention on it. Opps I put the wrong date on this picture.... oh well.

January 28th: I took Amelia out sledding with some friends today. It was the first time her and I have had one on one time outside the house since Claire was born. It was special.

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The Stiffs said...

Hi! I love your project life posts. Are you just posting them here, or are you also making a book?
I hear you on the sleep training. We recently moved E down to our 'play room' and K into the nursery upstairs. She had been sleeping in a crib in our room until now, and let me tell you, I am SOOOO glad to have my room back after 15 months. There's just something about being able to open the closet and turn on the lamp after hours without worrying about waking the baby!! It's also working very well - we're all sleeping better since the move.
Hope you're well!